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Ruby Mabry has accomplished so much in her life. She is the CEO of mental health facilities, a published writer, and a serial entrepreneur. She juggles all of that as well as being a mother and wife.

But life has not been easy for her. She lost her father in her early 20s. She also took care of her mother for years, who was a paraplegic and watched her  mother suffer for years from serious health issues including leukemia. When Ruby’s mother passed, she spiraled into a deep depression for two years. Asking herself, how could this happen? How do I move forward?  How can I function, especially for my children?

Through the tears and anguish, she took to the page. She wrote daily on social media little moments of inspiration to her get through the pain. With each post, she inspired others and healed herself. She collected all of those post and put it all in her bestselling book, Moments of Inspiration: Thought-provoking Insights To Uplift, Impact, And Inspire.

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